Prenatal Care

Specialised Yoga and Nutrition for each trimester along with childbirth education classes to help prepare your body and mind for motherhood.

How it works

Prenatal care and preparation can look different for everyone! At Shyft, we work WITH YOU to create a plan that works FOR YOU.

  • Live, interactive Yoga sessions with experienced coaches

  • Personalized nutrition consultations and meal plans with cheat days included

  • Birthing classes with expert Lamaze coaches

  • Live Mindfulness sessions for stress relief

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What our members are saying

I practised Yoga with Shyft (earlier Mindhouse) for about five months, and I can't tell you how beautifully it helped me during my pregnancy. I want to thank my yoga instructor for helping me have a normal delivery. Thank you, team Shyft!

Aditi Masta

I started my yoga journey with Shyft early and continued up till the last stretch of my pregnancy. It was one of the safest and most effective exercises during this Covid period and the instructor was superb! Definitely recommend it!

Karishma Tandon

I joined Shyft in the second trimester of my pregnancy. I enjoy my classes so much as the trainer takes proper care of you and puts in a lot of effort during the course. I used to practice three days a week, but when I shifted to Trimester 3, I extended it to six days a week. I hardly miss any sessions because the classes help me stay active throughout the day!