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Wise words...Mind...Simple meditative postures part 3Simple meditative postures part 2Does diet help with Erectile Dysfunction(ED)?! 🤔🧐Simple meditative postures series 1How to reduce bloatingHow stress looks likeHappiness is...4 effective ways to take care of your health during this festive season 😍❤️Alignment for half moon pose.Self care is Productive!Getting back to formLet's keep on working to improve our health!Difference between probiotic and prebioticFor healthy gutBuilding strengthSpinal MobilityExperiencing some of the symptoms in the chart?Diet impacts skin. We know. What exactly boosts collagen?Humanity is greater than status!Building up strength & flexibility in a balanced way..Picture that will make you smile 😊Change your habits and the results would change...Happy Monday!Mental health check inPoses for thyroidCombat insulin resistanceInsulin resistanceSleepNutrition for a healthy sperm💪FRUIT GUIDEYoga for better SleepYou deserve...6 Reasons for Low ImmunityLet’s reflect for a while !!💫How to Regulate your EmotionsDon't feel guilty for the Self!Finding Balance in Life...What happens in our brain when we exercise?Share these with your Parents / Grandparents!Evening hunger pangs driving you nuts??! 🤯 Not sure what to eat ?!🥲 Here are my top 5 picks !Two quick tips to benefit fully & completely with your Online classes !Why it's hard to talk about mental healthPosture for back pain 4Yoga for the immune system 💥Postures to relieve constipationBody Check up karwaya kya ??! 🧐🍥Eat mindful🍥Did you know the benefits of SOAKED Almonds over just plain almonds ???Postures for back pain 3Some basic yoga posesPostures for back pain 2Stop feeling guilty for...How to make sure that your children indulge in healthy eating ??!Yoga poses for better sleep 🌙Postures to relieve back pain 1Foods to keep in mind when dealing with skin acne ! 🖤💜Daily yoga posesLet's celebrate self acceptance and growth👍Safest plank🤛Risky Wrist🤜Benefit of sleeping earlyDon't be afraid to start over...Common mistakes in plank pt. 3Iron rich foods for a healthy growth and developmentCommon mistakes in plank pt.2Sleep well💨😮‍💨Excess gas 😮‍💨💨Common mistakes in plank pt. 1Food for Soul ❤️🥳SimpleAre u drinking 2 liters of water daily ? 💦💧Always Remember:)Have a healthy day ahead!SNACK ATTACK!!! 🤩🥳Kick start your day with a dash of Cinnamon 💫Correct posture for lying down pt2Happy and Healthy Week ahead5 weekend must have habitsLying downBe a LeaderBasic yoga posesBeing gentleDid you try the healthy Golden milk … know it’s benefits!!!!Liver HealthFoods that help with Fatty Liver 💪😌Paneer, cucumber, and tomatoe sandwich today with green chutney 😋Setting goalIf you’re being mindful, Eating out can be fun, healthy (& guilt free)!Six bad habits which you should stop right NOWDelicious Home made white butter and it’s benefits ( Loni )Leg raises correct postureLow lunge with twistWays to support your Child's mental healthThe three legged dogImportance of Exercise and physical activity 🏃🏻‍♀️⛹🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🏄🏻🏊🏻🤽🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♀️🚵🏻🏋🏻Downwards facing dogIs fat the only culprit for FATTY LIVER DISEASE ? The answer is over consumption of fructose & carbohydrates too can lead to this condition. Read on to know how !!!Parivritta Trikonasana/ Revolved Triangle PoseDepth of your postureWhat does water do for you ? Are you getting enough of it ?Understand and act accordingly🔼Isometric and isotonic🔽Rejuvenate today!Did you pay a recent visit to your dentist?! Has chewing become a nightmare post that and all you can have is liquids? Then this post is for you😎Being healthy should now become a habit👍Deeper benefits of Sun other than Vitamin D🌞☀️Forgive and get your emotional health back:)Struggling is naturalMyth and factHow to maintain your waistline while you travel 😍Simple movements to help knee painRead the labels!Is it okay to take supplements whenever we want to ?!Supta Baddha Konasana/Reclining Butterfly PoseBuild a bridgeUnderstanding mental health means dismantling mythsAre you cutting down on healthy fats in your weightloss journey ?Cultivate breath awarenessPicture says it allRejuvenate over the weekend!Why should you choose iodised salt?AffirmationsHow to protect your Mental health !!!Eat Your Veggies ❤️💚Hope recharging yourself for the week ahead👍Picture speak louder than words : Picture 8Picture speak louder than words : Picture 7Picture speak louder than words : Picture 6Picture speak louder than words : Picture 5Picture speak louder than words: Picture 4Picture speak louder than words : Picture 3Picture speak louder than words : Picture 2Picture speak louder than words : Picture 1Foods to boost your immunity this rainy seasonThe first crop of juicy GUAVAS from my garden !! 😋 The guava FRUIT is a source of vitamin C, fiber, and phytonutrients such as carotenoids, polyphenols, which function as natural antioxidants in the body.Postpartum RecoveryHow stress affects different system of the bodyGut healthYour Blood Sugar Clock"The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists." Japanese proverbSo trueToddler parents would agree😅Breakfast timeHappy weekend!Anterior Pelvic TiltYou can do more than you think you can :)Share happinessDifferet types of workouts for PCOSImmunity BoostersHope having a balanced lunch today?Ustrasana or Camel PoseHey mama 🤰🏻Worried about Sugar & finding non sugar sweeteners ?Improve MindfulnessImportance of deep sleepPractice gratitude daily for better mental health, peace, and joy within .Health Problems Related to Stress That You Can FixYou can probably guess what happens if you eat too much.Asanas for improving digestionImportance of bedtime routinePhysiological tool to manage EmotionDeficiency of vit B12Meditating on this thought today 😊Sunday HabitsAre you craving Fried Food in Monsoon?Cultivating habitsPelvic floor dysfunctionCIRCARDIAN RHYTHM -- 🌗🌠🌞 what is it ? How does it help us ??Try these tomorrow morning!StressStay ActiveYoga for healthy feet and anklesBenifits of backbendsStretches for tight shouldersStart Strong!Triangle PosePhysiological tool to manage EmotionMONSOONS ⛈️🌈☔️ should I make changes in the food I eat ??Trust and FaithMindful PracticeBenefits of Seated Forward BendSpine Health EssentialsFor better sleep 😴🪭Marichyasana🪭Physiological tool to manage emotionHow to Boost your Immune SystemVitamin DGentle reminder ✨Benefits of Low Lunge Pose:Effect of sleep deprivationPracticing the Crescent Lunge PoseRules for visiting Mama and baby after birthSarvang asana also know as shoulder stand.Poses for better sleepWalking barefootPostures to ease you when anxious !A Relaxing posture for your back and neck after a long hectic day- Sphinx PoseHappy Sunday ❤️🤗Benefits of Salt5 mins of relaxationDiscovering peace and joy within :)Manage cortisol levelHow cortisol level affects your gutExtended Side Angle PoseDid you check your mental weight on the scale ?! 🤯🤯Understanding Boat PoseOverthinking is the biggest cause of unhappinessHere's why you shouldn't use plastic containers to store or heat your food ☠️Day 21: Easy Sitting Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Happy International Yoga Day!Day 20: Goddess Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)What all can your 2 months old baby do?Prop usage to keep your hands and wrist safe.Mindful eating !!! ❤️Improve your relationship with Food …. Make a conscious choice for your health !!!🤗How yoga for pregnant women helps😊Ubhaya Padangusthasana- is a seated posture, where both big toes are held with both hands while balancing on your sitting bones.Healthy habitsDay 18: Head to Knee pose ( The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Tree pose #Ultimate Yoga Day ChallengeDay 17: Big Toe Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Strategies that can help manage postpartum rage🦋Butterfly pose 🦋Differences in flexibility of Right and Left sideInverted split #Ultimate Yoga Day ChallengeTypes of HeadachesDay 16: Cobra Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Reminder to be consistent- Take this as a sign 🙂10K steps everyday!Why eat more TurmericCamel pose🧘‍♀️Day 15: Pawanmuktasana (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Start your meditation journey today, with Shyft!Day 14: Pigeon Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Training the mindHow to create a life that you want in one yearBenefits of prenatal yoga 🧘‍♀️Day 13: Half Split Pose ( The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Benefits of wind relieving pose ✨️Habit 7Habit 6Habit 5Habit 4Habit 3Habit 2Habit 1WARRIOR III VS HALF MOON🌲🌳Hugging trees 🌲🌳Chair pose with a twist #Ultimate Yoga Day ChallengeDay-9 'The ultimate yoga day challenge'How does exercise help❓Day 11: Double Big Toe Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Day 10: Lizard Pose (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Soilder pose. 🎖️Tips for a Healthy WeekendWhy walk during pregnancy?Day 9: Pyramid Pose ( The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Picture says it allTry this Blinking Exercise for Dry EyesLess time to cook? Make this! 🤤Day 8- Ultimate Yoga Day ChallengeDay-6 : The ultimate yoga day challengePoll results 2HYPERTHYROIDISM ( overactive thyroid gland - excess thyroid hormone) speeds up body metabolism. Symptoms include weight loss, hand tremors and rapid or irregular heartbeat. What to eat & what not to ? Read on....Yoga poses to get rid of fatigueSoluble Fibre rich foods - My top 9 selectionsDay 7: Downward Facing Dog (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Poor PostureStart your day with lot of positivity in you👍Side Bend !Health Benefits of Daily BreathworkThe placebo effectHYPOTHYROIDISM....what should be taken & what shouldn't be ???Uterine ProlapseHow do I know if I'm drinking enough? And Should I worry about drinking too much water ?Is water the only option for staying hydrated?What about the advice to drink 8 glasses a day?How much water do you need?What are the health benefits of water?Day 5 #ultimate yoga challengeAlternate nostril breathingDay 5- Ultimate Yoga Day ChallengeExtended Hand to Big Toe PoseDay 4: Reverse Warrior Pose ( The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)What Causes Low Energy?Understanding HYPOTHYROIDISM better !! Hypothyroidism = less functioning of thyroid glandNew Mama Guilt...Day 3: Extended Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana) The Ultimate Yoga Day ChallengePrasarita Padottanasana stretchScale downs of the posturesWhat to expect with a newbornSnack up well on your Litchis this summer season ☀️As they will not lychee go of your health 😎😎DAY 2 #ultimate yoga day challengeDay 2: Bharadwaja's Twist (The Ultimate Yoga Day Challenge)Supine butterfly poseDay 1: Urdhva mukha svanasana/Upward facing dog 🧘‍♀️Uterine FibroidsJune Health GoalsSerotonin - our happy hormoneConstantly changing weatherDietary strategies that will help you fight your headache 💆Why BMIRaw coconut piece as a SnackTips of getting a good sleep ❤️Importance of sleep 😴This meal is homemade, in other words I licked the spoon😋😋Unlock your shoulders for optimal well beingPrunes- Dried plumsStay hydratedKnee strengthening or prevent knee injury.The relevance of Breathwork#AllaboutpearMaking HEALTHY ...tasty too 🤗🤗💜Did you know about chakotra Or grapefruitWays to be activeWhat Women Need to be Checked for Every Year3 Reasons to Practice Nadi Shodhan PranayamaAre you doing it right ?Superfood - Chia seedsCobra pose vs Upward facing dogExercise for your Pelvic FloorBreathwork is the key to bring awareness to your breath 😊Snacks that can help you in keeping your gut healthy 🌿#benefitsofpomegranateBeautiful morning 🌄Core strengtheningStoring breast milkHome grown and organic#Avocado❤Let's fight with inflammation 🔥 in our body with these nutrients 🕺Yoga Poses to Release Tight ShouldersEmotional benefits of flowers🌻So true👍Some basic yoga poses for weight lossColourful plate is always balanced😋Yoga poses to cool down the bodyMorning breakfastThe right way to eat walnuts for maximum health benefitsEssential hair nutrientsWhat causes low back pain?Pyramid Pose (Parsvottonasana)Asana with names👇PadangushthasanaHappy Monday, shoo the blues away 💜Barley rice & dal - Diabetic friendlyTHE CALF MUSCLE- CONSIDERED THE SECOND HEARTDid you know?MenopauseDid you know?If u Lack discipline read this ….Try this meditative poseBenefits of MalasanaWalking daily# VrikshasanaEffects of Sitting PostureSpending time with nature🍃 #shyftyourhealthDo you know ?What happens when you squat while using the Toilet.Self-Care WeekendGood way to start your day..Acro Yoga10 ways to stimulate your Vagus NerveDaily Planner #shyftyourhealthRepetitive Practice & BoredomJust keep going ❤️Day 4 #shyftToHealthyHabit 🥗Food for gut healthWhy Savasana is important ?What is Basal Metabolic Rate and how can you boost your metabolism ?! 🧐Burning calories #shyftyourhealthMatsyasana (Fish Pose)Gate Pose Twist by HighBp warriors 🪖RE USING " FRIED OIL" ?? Is this a good choice 🤔🤔Hot water with a pinch of coffee (Instant energizer) #shyftyourhealthDay 2: My healthy habit ( to have balanced meals for the next 7 days)Be consistent in your efforts to achieve your Health goal!Healthy habits challengeMake your 8 limb posture better!Benefits of Balancing PosesShyft to Daily Healthy Habit Challenge ❤️Shyft to Daily Healthy Habit ChallengeGreen tea - a step to build up healthy habbitHealthy Ragi cookies - snacks ideas.Hip Hip Hooray!!Have a productive Sunday!Detox water- Make it a basic ingredient of your lifestyle!Evening snack - Roasted MakhanaAnanda balasana or Happy baby poseMy breakfast today 😋Empowering Your Practice: The power of positive affirmationsWatermelon special - Post workout smoothieTake a BREAK😊✨SarvangasanaBreathing TriviaSunny ☀️ yogaBasic posture to reduce back stiffnessStay healthy in the heat!HALF LORD OF THE FISH POSE. A super pose for DiabetesHANUMANASANADo not skip savasana after practice ✨️Humming Bee Breathwork #WellnessEnergy✨Healthy habits 😊Smile 😃Check this✅How to mentally and emotionally prepare for bothThe HEALTHIER twist to notorious POTATOES !! [ secret is to step up fiber in the potato dish & thus bring down its glycemic index] !!Yoga for life with greater joy and productivityA Proud momentRight posture matters!Downward Facing DogWill BABY STEPS really help me get to my goals ??Loosening practices.Jamuns commonly known as Indian blackberry, java plum or black plum are receiving attention as a health- protective functional food 🫐Locust pose variation- working those back musclesHalf Moon PoseWrist and forearm stretchesEnergizing & feeling confident with back bendsDessert se taste bhi aur health bhi- Mango Tapioca puddingBalancing posesDrinking lukewarm water empty stomachHolding the InversionsONLINE YOGA CLASS.... YAY OR NAH?Natural HealersVisualization practiceBreath is the bridgeCortisol is a stress harmony and it is bad right or does it have any other functions that help us to leave better?3 easy kitchen hacks to get rid of bloatingStanding Forward Fold✔️Toddler approved - Nutty chocolate bars !! 🍫😊👍Back bendsThe best asana to practice right after a Full mealHow breathing and posture are co-related??Top 4 micronutrients needed for a healthy thyroid functionIs fruit juice healthy ?Today's breakfast- Mango OatmealBuddha Purnima 🌕To our summer favourite : The Nariyal Pani and Malai🥥Why should all the compliments be around physical attributes?Let's work on hip flexibility today ✅Whenever you feel stressed- just calm the mind😊Sleep😴😴Rainfall 🌧️🌧️Learn meditation and empower yourself with a better decision-making ability.Sitz bath for postpartumButterfly pose 🦋Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)Together getting stronger every day!Positive Affirmation PracticeVitamin C - fresh food vitaminAnjaneyasana - Relieves Sciatica & other spinal conditions.Endorphins- The Happy Hormones😃Sleepy time 💤😴Dhanurasana/ Bow PoseShalbhasana (Advance pose)Cheat meal with colours on my plate 😊👍Upward facing dog pose allignment checkSPINE TWISTConnect to the rhythms of Nature 🍀Today's breakfast- Oats pancake & teaPranayama practice in pregnancy 👶PhosphorousStrenth training myth or reality( for joint pain) ?Yoga nidraHidden secrets of Hips. 🧐Lion’s BreathingA perfect recipe for disaster?🤕Colic and what it really meansBaby pressure points on feet to stop cryingTrace mineral - COPPER [ concluding part -3] Choose traditional wisdom but do it right !!Happy Monday!9 tips for a Healthy Weekend!Sunshine vitamins for overall health 🌄🏖️Trace mineral - COPPER [ Part 2]Trace mineral -- COPPER ![ Part 1]Are you sitting correctly?Enhance iron absorption!!High Functional AnxietyPower of breathworkTips to help you bounce back after being sickDo you skip shavasana in your class ?Eat healthy #showyourplate Challenge accepted! 12th-18th AprilLot to learn and discuss on Communities!Lymphatic healthThe emotional values of posturesManage swollen feet during pregnancyRaw Banana - A Nutrition powerhouse that is easily available but underratedStart your week fresh.THE SPIRIT OF NEVER TO GIVE UP !!Destress and relax in natureGet movin' for your gut healthBe Healthy always!Vitamin K - for blood coagulationHAPPY WORLD 🌏HEALTH DAY !OIL PULLING - does this help ?Cat & Cow Pose- Great way to warm up the spine before workoutWhat happens when you meditate?An uncommon but nutritious fruit- Bael or Wood appleStretch, hydrate, breathe and relaxVitamin E - available freelyImportance of fastingDon't let the desk keep you stiffVitamin D for bonesDown to EARTH !!Try these tonight!Confused about what to eat?Vitamin ACounter pose after a deep back bend.Coconut flesh, an inexpensive substitute for Avocado! 🥥Natarajasana (Dancer's pose)Supine postures for restoration and relaxingSliding into the weekendStarted my day with yummy and healthy breakfastMind Full vs Mindful!Yoga for back strengtheningPadahastasanaFestive thali, but never not balanced! ✨Hey Nature - why are you so therapeutic !!!! 😍Step target achieved🎊Full Camel poseWhat is the importance of warm-ups in yoga classes?Consuming water from an earthen/clay potDid you get your vitamin D ?Started my day strong!Childhood beliefs !! 🍉👧👦🧚‍♀️🧚 --- If you swallow a seed, it will grow into a plant ! How many of you grew up believing this ?THE GREEN BANANA MAGIC !!A very quick, delicious and healthy dinner!Locust- A prone mini back bend postureHave you soaked in some Sun today ?Self CarePregnancy Mindset 💕How to avoid knee injury during yogaWhat is vagus nerve and what does it do?Creating sleep hygieneThe role of yoga in Hashimoto’s diseaseVitamins- Simple CategoryDhanurasana (Bow pose)Importance of guidance in your health journeyTo enhance the quality of sleep!Some Interesting fact about Human Body!Cool facts about baby!Box breathing to release stress and anxietyTree PoseThe stress responseSun Salutation | Surya NamaskarBreathwork BenefitsBhramari pranayama during pregnancyGetting ready for the weekend with the breathing exercises !Benefits of gardeningYoga in the workplaceFasting??? And short of yummy and healthy ideas ?? 🤔🙆‍♀️Came across this infographic which could come in handy as this flu seems to be getting the best of everyone these days! 🤧What is grounding?The Buddha Bowl 🥣Happy Monday!Benefits of water 2.0What are circadian rhythms?How are you planning to recharge yourself over the weekend?Importance of eating meals on time5 healthy habits to start with at home:The Importance of a Morning RoutineGiving into cravingsGood morning and have a fantastic day!Benefits of sleeping wellMuffin-top aka love handles 🙌🏼Currently eating food that helps my gut..😋A summertime favorite SALAD !!Connect with the breath 🌬 calm and steady the mind🧘🏻‍♀️🧘‍♂️Train for the BIGGER picture. The real reason to why to move your body.TOMATOES 🍅 cause kidney stones - fact or myth ??Improving gut healthKids Nutrition ! !Kids Nutrition ! !For a peaceful nightInversionWhen life turns you upside down- Strike a pose!Encourage your child to be physically activeBeat the heat🥵Craving for sweetsEar Pressure Pose or KarnapidasanaBeat the heat 🥵Lizard poseWork in progress - All time favourite postureSet your SMART goalI like to call it- “The Bloody Mary” 🥤Down with the FLU !!! 👩‍⚕️🤒Ways to practice meditationDetoxifying posture- Seated forward bend(Paschimottanasana)Say goodbye to toxins 👋Are you back on track post Holi?Detox with Yoga - Revolved Triangle PoseWide legged Forward bend(Detoxification pose)Restorative pose ( Reclined butterfly pose )Is milk really healthy?Standing Back Bend PoseProne positionsWild Thing PoseMandukasana helping with digestionGoddess pose 💪My fav variation of savasanaVariation of shavasana (Prone shavasana)My way of relaxing on the matSavasana - Mostly we do it in the last of the session and it's a most awaited pose for most of us😀Common Labor/ Birth FearsSavasana - Bolster Under KneesHow & where should I begin ? Will I be able to reach my goals ?? 🤔🤔Who doesn’t like SAVASANA!!!! 😛Variation Of Savasana🛞 Chakrasana/wheel pose 🛞My favourite workout!The secret about COLLAGEN 🤫🤫Plan your week aheadWays to Give Your Mind a Deep CleaningStay with your momentWhat is mindfulness?Exam time fever...for parent or child ?? 🤔🤔Do's for a better sleepDoes selenium help the thyroid gland ??Core strengthening pose.Kick start your day with this nutrient rich juice - ABC. The Apple-Beetroot - Carrot Juice. Listing down some facts and benefits of the juice!Hip opener pose - Seated wide legged forward bendI'm not an onion seed ....I'm a Nigella seed 🙂 I am KALONJI !Pcos and exerciseHip opener of the day: Wide angle seated forward bend/ Upavishta KonasanaPost your favourite hip opening poseCrescent lunge pose🧘🏻‍♀️START YOUR DAY OFF RIGHT 🧘🏻‍♀️Chest opening pose.Chest OpenerLunch today: Aloo sabzi + Quinoa + curd with chia seeds + salad. 🍽️Chest openersCHEST-OPENING YOGA POSE - King Pigeon PoseChest opener (Puppy Pose) with the help of blocksDo you frequently have sweet cravings or know someone who does ?YogaWhy were the guests, first served with curd and then the main course?! Well, because curd was more 'cultured' 😜The Benefits of YogaWarrior poseBreathworkThe food you don't CHEW is EWWWW - Part -2Rules for visiting Mama and baby after birthToday’s Lunch bowl.Twin twisting 😅3 benefits of tree poseButterfly Posture🦋Butterfly postureHow to best support your partner during birthThe food you don't 'CHEW' is EWWWWTalk to your NewbornHanumanasanaRules of healthy sleep7 steps to Jumpstart Healthy HabitsPregnant and peeing a lot? Makes sense!Oatmeal porridge for Acidity- A whole grain breakfast loaded with fiber & complex carbohydratesThis is so true!Why Core Strength is Important than just building your six packs10K steps every day! 🏃‍♀️Stop making excuses!First crop of cherry tomatoes 🍅 from my gardenAn emotional detox journeyThe secret to having balanced meals😋😉Benefits of Breastfeeding for the babySleep and Immune SystemRole of Good night's sleepThe constant struggle of falling in and out of routine 🥲Soak it guys 😍Is ' Herbal tea' an ' actual tea ' ??🫖🫖 Here are the factsEarly Postpartum exercisesWhat are positive affirmations?5 different breastfeeding positions.Some benefits of breastfeeding!Avocados - how do I eat that ?🥵What's your reason to lose weight?! 🤔Salads are not for everyone.Auto-immune diseases & Yoga as a LifestyleWater for the winters !!!🥛Reminder:Know your poop, kyunki harr poop kuch kehta hain 😜Why is NREM(Non Rapid Eye Movement) sleep important?Improve Posture for a Healthy BackDoing nothing is actually good at times!Ways to Protect Your Cervical SpineTop 10 superfoods for management of PCOS!!Say NO 😼 to unsolicited advice from influencers and self-proclaimed nutritionists !!#Monday motivationSweet cravings - I Got you the BOMBS 😜The importance of taking time to recharge yourselfYeh kaun hain jisne fruits ko itna badnaam kiya hain 🥲👀Take care of yourself firstMorning Done Right 🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️Work from home - Got u glued 😞to your chair !!!Easy Chair TwistYoga Practice and Birthing PositionsWinter classic. 🎃Benefits of Breathwork/PranayamMeditation nourishes the mind in the same way that food nourishes the body.Healthy Lifestyle10 tips to boost your mental healthJal hee jeewan hainnn 😋Relatable?Has to be my favourite evening snack!Spinach mushroom curry with rice ( added a little amla for tang 😋)Body Signals: Are You Listening?Yoga for mental healthWellness holisticallyImportance of regular bowels!Importance of seasonal fruits and vegetablesHow should a balanced meal look like?🧘‍♀️Take Yoga off The Mat 🧘‍♀️Morning Practice 🌸Favourite winter breakfast - Methi parantha and curd with chia seeds.#SymptomsofhypertensionGooseberry or AmlaMagic MAGNESIUM !!Detox Your BodyTips to help control stressWays to stay hydratedConditions affecting water needsImportance of staying hydrated in the wintercouscous with veggies and herbs 🌿Chai time ⚘️Dairy and dairy products yay or nay !!!From my kitchen garden!YOGA MAT - YOUR OWN SPACE:)How do you know if you have PCOS?That feeling of getting periods on time!Watch out for these guys when diagnosed with High Blood Pressure.Consistency is the key!Will eating fat free foods make you lose weight?Shavasana-- The Favourite ❤️Backbends - chest openersSatisfied..Right Sitting Posture at Your ComputerAlways enjoy the journeyBenefits of Exercise🤸🏻‍♀️Go Easy With Your Yoga Asanas 🤸🏻‍♀️Healthy eating tips for sticking to your diet on vacation ( contd.)Healthy eating tips for sticking to your diet on vacation!Bridge PoseRoasted chanaMorning Affirmations to Start Your DayBeat the winter blues 🌻🍎🥕🌞Winter colours!How Prenatal Yoga Class Helps#magnificent🧘‍♀️A Happy State Of Mind 🧘‍♀️Eat late gain weight?5 Health Benefits Of Soaking in The Winter SunHave you wondered what you should eat for breakfast?Yogic gazing(Trataka)Regular Physical ActivityDry skin in winters ...a concern ??Winter is hereThe weather calls for some ‘Hot Chocolate’ innit?Legs strengtheningNatural ways to cleanse the air at homeSome thought-provoking facts about something we all do thousands of times a day: Breathe 🫁New to meditation?Things to keep in mind while practicing prenatal yogaWork life balanceFoods which can boost the health and growth of hair!Eating out and eating right.Signs you've gotten good night's sleepSleep recipe for mental, physical, and emotional strengthFeel Warm This Winter - Practice Yoga ❄️🧘‍♀️Happy hormones for better moodDo you think drinking tea/coffee will hamper weight loss ?ABC RULEBreathworkCritical nutrients for postpartum mothersHALF- MOON POSEImprove your Gut health…Boost immunity !!!Today’s Lunch Bowl.BalanceEasy ways to manage gut health during winterKeeping up the motivationDigital Detox 📱👩🏻‍💻Windshield Wiper exerciseBe Mindful !Supine twistsGood nightBenefits of morning sunlight!Listen to yourselfBoost your metabolism naturally !!!Hi Sukanya, tell me an asana to reduce belly fat🥹Balanced meals !!Benefits Of Proper AlignmentSeated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)TIPS FOR PRACTICING MORNING YOGACan yoga build muscle?Dinner plate - Taste ✅ Nutrition ✅ Comfort ✅Core strengthening during pregnancyTrimester three !! What to eat & why ?Top winter foods to include in your diet today!YOGA FOR EVERYONEDiabetes and HypertensionWhat are the benefits of twists?Trimester two ....what to eat & why ?Foods for Morning SicknessPOTATO...🍠!!! And that too SWEET POTATO 😧Stress.Stress.Stress. I don't like it.I avoid but⚖️ Work-Life Balance ⚖️Mezze Platter. 🍱Believe.Positive Birth AffirmationsStop. Breath. Observe. Proceed.#symptomsofdiabetesHere's the secret to step up your metabolism....#doodleRestorative Child PoseAre you eating for 2 people?Never neglectSymptoms to know if you have an Anxiety DisorderTrimester 1 - what to eat & why ??I have lost weight,how fast am I going to regain?Letting go!Happy new year everyone ✨️ 💛Warm Up for 6 ‘minutes before starting work outHalasana (Plough Pose)The answer is always Calorie DeficitEverything you need is within you🦋The love and hate relationship with sweets!How does caffeine affect sleep?Asans for good digestion3 nutrients for a healthy gutWeight Management during PCOSGentle reminderHow Do I Speed Up My Weight Loss?Health Implications of PCOSStep up your iron !!Not feeling thirsty in winters ? TRY THESE...Strengthen pelvic floor musclesGuidelines for Exercise During PregnancyLifestyle changes to manage high bp👩‍💻Risks of Extended Sitting 🧑‍💻Cycle of sweet cravingsMy go to breakfast! 🍲Stress ManagementFind your centerWinding DownWater : Essential but overlooked nutrientSymptoms of PCOSYoga for diabetesYou are beautiful Momma!Management of health post deliveryThe IconicsWhy is radish considered a winter superfood?The beauty of yogaPelvic Floor HealthMindful mornings!HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU DO YOGA?Red flags of weight lossSafety Guidelines for Prenatal YogaStress, Lifestyle Factors and InfertilityBeat those cravings …. Damn !Best Time For Practising Yoga3 myths about Type 2 diabetes3 Types of DiabetesFruits and diabetesRice and diabetesBest time to take thyroid medicationFoods to be consumed in moderation in hypothyroidiNO CRAZY DIETS ⚠️Spinal Twist for DiabetesSTILL.. Solitude..Polycystic Ovary SyndromeIt's never too late...Hashimoto thyroiditisBenefits of binaural beatsPeriods and PCOSStep up your protein !!Top Foods for Breastfeeding MomsNutrients for Post Natal MothersFatigue during pregnancyHydrate! Hydrate! 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